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Gifts and Donations Policy


Policy Statement

The Hernando County Public Library System accepts donations of materials or monetary gifts provided that the following conditions are met:

•    Materials are accepted with the understanding that there are no restrictions placed upon their use.

•    Gifts of materials and/or equipment are evaluated for appropriateness to our collection using the same criteria applied to other acquisitions. Only those materials which prove to be in good physical condition and which conform to our collection goals are actually added to the collection.  The Library System is not obligated to retain any gifts which fail to meet the criteria for selection.

•    Material not added to the collection may be sold at the Friends of the Library book sales or discarded.

•    Gift material may be assigned to any branch in the Library System.

•    The Library is not obligated to retain back issues of gift periodical subscriptions.

•    When donations are given, suggestions of specific titles or subjects are welcomed. However, the final decision for donations, based on the collection, rests with the Library. When requested, bookplates will be added to the donated material.  The Library has final approval of bookplate content.

•    The Library does not set aside a special location for gift materials.  Gift materials are integrated into the Library's existing collection.

•    The Library does not appraise gifts or provide evaluation of gifts for tax deductions or other purposes. If requested, the Library will acknowledge, in writing, the number of items received from the donor.

•    Official acknowledgment of the gift is made in writing by the Library Services Director.


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