Writer's Corner What is Writer's Corner?


What is Writer's Corner?


Writer's Corner is here to provide a few links to some interesting,  helpful resources for those who like to write, or those just interested in reading & exploring. Many of these links provide the reader with the opportunity to learn about many kinds of writing, from fiction & nonfiction, to poetry, journaling & memoir.

Links found here such as TED Talks; To the Best of Our Knowledge; and StoryCorps, are examples of just three of a number of resources you can find here which can provide creative writing inspiration, as well as inspiration to use in living your life.

We also use this as a place to periodically feature writing from our library-sponsored writing groups.

Remember, you don't have to be published to call yourself a writer. If you write at all, you can call yourself a writer - why not? You might say that naming yourself as a writer could be the first step.