“Urgent, Urgent, Urgent” Black dogs face a hard choice in shelters across America!

Please don’t overlook our black dogs here at Hernando County Animal Services or any other shelter or rescue. We have several wonderful, loving black dogs with great personalities but unfortunately they are bore with the stigma “BBD”, an acronym use to refer to big black dogs. Black dogs are often the last to be adopted for whatever the reason, whether it’s because they don’t photograph well, people think they look meaner, or it could be that in the movies or the media they are portrayed as being large menacing dogs that depict evil.  Examples are, the Harry Potter series, The Omen, even the common “Beware of Dog” sign. They also have a harder time being placed than any other breed. People often overlook them as potential companions. Black dogs are more likely to be euthanized than to find a home.  Please remember they are just as sweet on the inside and are also strikingly beautiful on the outside with their shiny coats. Please take a look at these dogs-they need a loving home too! Please adopt one before it’s too late.


***Remember, your parents were right.  Personality is more important than appearance.   It’s just as true for pets as for people!

Listed from left to right (Row 1 - Queenie, Hunter and Jasper), (Row 2 - Miss Maggie, Morsel)


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