I am Still a Puppy on the Inside...

Please hear my plea…. You see I am a “senior dog” who has been brought to Hernando County Animal Services by the Animal Officer or by a citizen. I was lost and wandering or just dumped and I have been trying to find my way home. My heart is broken and my spirit is slowly breaking too. I watch daily for my owner who I guess is never coming for me and I wish I knew why. My plea to my owner, I am sorry I grew up and became older. I am sorry I can’t move as easily as I used to.  I am sorry I cannot run as fast to catch the ball but I try. I am sorry I may have some issues that need extra loving care. I am sorry I can’t go for long walks anymore but I try just so I can be with you. I am sorry I cannot play as hard as I use to but I am still that puppy on the inside whose eyes still look at you with love. I am sorry I am older now and I would really love to be that puppy again for you. Please look at me and know how much I loved you. Why did you dump me or never come looking for me? I came from a home that I thought was going to love me to the end of my days but as I lay here in this kennel I see that is not going to happen. I don’t want the last days of my life to end in a shelter lying in a cement kennel like a prisoner when my only crime was growing older. Is there someone out there willing to give me a second chance? I will greet you each day with my tail wagging, sit by you while you drink coffee in the morning, ride in the car with you so you don’t have to go anywhere alone, comfort you in your time of need just like you will me and when my time does come for me to depart this world please remember you gave me a second chance I will always be grateful and love you forever.

Love from us seniors,

Cinnamon, Benson, Archie, Clara, and Dino

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