Writer's Corner Library-Sponsored Writing Groups - Submissions

Library-Sponsored Writing Groups - Submissions

This is where we post short pieces / excerpts of writing (under 1,000 words) from our local library-sponsored writing groups. Every month or so, we add new submissions, so check back often. Writers' Corner offers no opinion on the literary merits of these writings, but seeks only to serve as a conduit for the creative expression of our community.

 Fireflies in Jars

Writing Your Life Stories Group

icon My First Paying Job by Joyce T.
icon My Most Memorable Christmas by Jack Joyce

icon The Coal Plant by Doris S.

icon I Clearly Remember the Day by Gloria Grieco

icon Our Family Dog Lady by Royal DeVries

icon Court of Honor Ceremonies by Royal DeVries

icon My First Crush by Rosa Lea Addington

icon My Mother’s Cherry Desk by Regina Trinkaus

icon My Least Favorite Job by Ken Jackson

icon Memories of Grandparents by Lou Norris

icon My Early Childhood in Rural Kentucky by Paul Settle

icon My First Big Surprise - 60th Birthday by Alma Franz

icon My First Cold Duck by Howard Owens

icon Ole Leaky WEEKS 1950-1954 by Jack Joyce
icon ARUSHA SCHOOL - A Young Colonial Boy Goes to School in East Africa by Alan McFarland

icon What I remember about turning Fifty by MaryAnne Dunne-Bruning

icon My Certificate for Patriotic Service - Barbara Atherton
icon How I Remodeled My Mothers Kitchen by Alan McFarland
icon Graduation by Bette Bavington

icon The Fish Hook Story by Ellen Beener
A Memento I Will Hold Onto For The Rest Of My Life by Joyce Gatland

icon Our Last Dog by John McNeley
icon Honor Flight #27 by Jack Joyce

Spring Hill Writing Group
icon Afghanistan, by Royal DeVries - Fiction
icon My Melody Motion Clock by Marie Rizzi
- Nonfiction

icon The Missing Shadow by Judy G. Burford
  - Childrens' Fiction

icon Tragedy in Pennsylvania by Judy G. Burford
- Fiction
Cowboy by Coach- Nonfiction
 To My Bully by Tammy Platts - Poetry

icon That Man by Dan Bowles
- Fiction

icon Irresponsible Truth by Reginald Alceau
- Poetry
 #91 Katana Sharp by Reginald Alceus - Poetry