Writer's Corner Universal Class - Explore a new interest / Increase your Knowledge

Universal Class - Explore a new interest / Increase your Knowledge

There is a wide variety of courses in the Universal Class, too many to list.  But to give you an idea, some of the categories include:  help for the entrepreneur; starting a home business; office skills; home schooling; home & garden; medical; self-help; computers; real estate; spirituality; math & science; and writing skills to name a few.

The classes offered in the writing skills category covers a wide variety - such as  --- fiction; nonfiction; marketing; basic writing skills; typing & keyboarding 101; memoir & journal writing 101; writing in various genres - children, mystery, romance, historical;  resume writing, and more.

Please check out this invaluable resource by clicking on the link Universal Class in this article.

You may also get there by going to our library website at www.hernandocountylibrary.us  - click on "e-resources" at the top of our home page. Scroll down the page to the alphabetical list of our Databases.  Find Universal Class in the list - click on it - and enter your library card number.

If you decide you want to take a class, you fill out a brief registration form - choosing a username & password; entering your email address; and name. Your username & password can be whatever you like. It does not need to be your library card number and password.

If you need any help with signing up or using Universal Class, please let us know. We'll be glad to help!