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Writer's Corner


What is Writer's Corner?


Writer's Corner is here to provide a few links to some interesting,  helpful resources for those who like to write, or those just interested in reading & exploring. Many of these links provide the reader with the opportunity to learn about many kinds of writing, from fiction & nonfiction, to poetry, journaling & memoir.

Links found here such as TED Talks; To the Best of Our Knowledge; and StoryCorps, are examples of just three of a number of resources you can find here which can provide creative writing inspiration, as well as inspiration to use in living your life.

We also use this as a place to periodically feature writing from our library-sponsored writing groups.

Remember, you don't have to be published to call yourself a writer. If you write at all, you can call yourself a writer - why not? You might say that naming yourself as a writer could be the first step.

Library-Sponsored Writing Groups - Submissions

This is where we post short pieces / excerpts of writing (under 1,000 words) from our local library-sponsored writing groups. Every month or so, we add new submissions, so check back often. Writers' Corner offers no opinion on the literary merits of these writings, but seeks only to serve as a conduit for the creative expression of our community.

 Fireflies in Jars

Writing Your Life Stories Group

icon My First Paying Job by Joyce T.
icon My Most Memorable Christmas by Jack Joyce

icon The Coal Plant by Doris S.

icon I Clearly Remember the Day by Gloria Grieco

icon Our Family Dog Lady by Royal DeVries

icon Court of Honor Ceremonies by Royal DeVries

icon My First Crush by Rosa Lea Addington

icon My Mother’s Cherry Desk by Regina Trinkaus

icon My Least Favorite Job by Ken Jackson

icon Memories of Grandparents by Lou Norris

icon My Early Childhood in Rural Kentucky by Paul Settle

icon My First Big Surprise - 60th Birthday by Alma Franz

icon My First Cold Duck by Howard Owens

icon Ole Leaky WEEKS 1950-1954 by Jack Joyce
icon ARUSHA SCHOOL - A Young Colonial Boy Goes to School in East Africa by Alan McFarland

icon What I remember about turning Fifty by MaryAnne Dunne-Bruning

icon My Certificate for Patriotic Service - Barbara Atherton
icon How I Remodeled My Mothers Kitchen by Alan McFarland
icon Graduation by Bette Bavington

icon The Fish Hook Story by Ellen Beener
A Memento I Will Hold Onto For The Rest Of My Life by Joyce Gatland

icon Our Last Dog by John McNeley
icon Honor Flight #27 by Jack Joyce

Spring Hill Writing Group
icon Afghanistan, by Royal DeVries - Fiction
icon My Melody Motion Clock by Marie Rizzi
- Nonfiction

icon The Missing Shadow by Judy G. Burford
  - Childrens' Fiction

icon Tragedy in Pennsylvania by Judy G. Burford
- Fiction
Cowboy by Coach- Nonfiction
 To My Bully by Tammy Platts - Poetry

icon That Man by Dan Bowles
- Fiction

icon Irresponsible Truth by Reginald Alceau
- Poetry
 #91 Katana Sharp by Reginald Alceus - Poetry






12 1/2 writing rules

To the Best of Our Knowledge - a "radio dinner party"

Open up your mind, and download some writing inspiration from - "To the Best of Our Knowledge" -  a nationally-syndicated radio show that, as they put it, "cracks open the world and the ideas that fuel its engine."

Read more...

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Looking for a Quote for your Writing? Brainy Quote

BRAINY QUOTE is an excellent resource for quotes. Searchable by topic or person. Get your Quote of the Day fix here!

Writer's Almanac - from American Public Radio

THE WRITER'S ALMANAC is from American Public Radio and is a daily feature with host Garrison Keillor, available to read or listen to. It is an interesting resource with author quotes, a daily poem, an "On This Day" feature, and author birthdays with brief biography & link to that author's works.

There is also a WRITER'S ALMANAC BOOKSHELF with writer interviews. 

Keep Calm and Write Something

Universal Class - Explore a new interest / Increase your Knowledge

Our Universal Class is a great new online resource available from our Library website - www.hernandocountylibrary.us

This is a resource which is available to you FREE with your library card, at home OR in the library if you do not own your own computer, tablet or other mobile device to access.
Among the over 500 non-credit Continuing Education courses are over 40 writing courses.

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The Center for the Book Library of Congress) - Author Webcasts, Booklists, and more

THE CENTER FOR THE BOOK  in the Library of Congress has all sorts of resources for kids, teens, adults and educators & parents - for the purpose of promoting books, reading, literacy, and libraries. There are Booklists, Author Webcasts and more.

Florida Center for the book is one of the state affiliates with its own resources.

The Writer Magazine

Published monthly, both print and online - WRITER magazine online includes their current issue, articles, resources, writing prompts... Use WRITER to get some good tips and improve your writing.

Brainpickings - Literary Jukebox

Literary Jukebox from www.brainpickings.org - includes a daily quote from a favorite book, along with a song to listen to, that goes along with the quote's theme.

Check it out!

Writing Forward - Creative Writing Blog

Writing Forward is a creative writing blog that launched in September of 2007 and in 2012 was included in Writer's Digest list of 101 Best Writing Websites. Their mission is to share helpful tips & ideas for writers.


Florida Memory Project - a Rich Treasure

You may not have heard of the Florida Memory Project but there is a rich treasure-trove of archival resources from the State Library of Florida through an LSTA grant - perfect if you need to do background research on Florida for your writing.


Perhaps you'll just want to get inspiration by listening to the music in their Florida Folklife Collection including a variety of genres such as bluegrass, blues, world, folk, gospel..alt

Or, get up from your writing and dance to their 24/7 streaming Florida Memory radio!

The mission of the Florida Memory Program is to provide free online access to select archival resources from the collections of the State Library and Archives of Florida. Florida Memory chooses materials for digitization that illuminate significant events and individuals in the state's history, and help educate Floridians and millions of other people around the world about Florida history and culture.

You can also find a link to the Florida Memory Project from our Library home page under "E-RESOURCES"

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TED TALKS - Ideas Worth Spreading

If you haven't heard about TED talks, you're in for a treat -

TED is a nonprofit devoted to "ideas worth spreading" - their mission is " to provide a clearinghouse of free knowledge from the world's most inspired thinkers, and a community of curious souls to engage with ideas and each other."

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Purdue OWL - Online Writing Lab

The Purdue OWL - Creative Writing - or OWL, as it is called - offers over 200 free resources on grammar, punctuation & other mechanics of writing, style guides, help for writer's block and more.

Though much of the site may be geared more toward academic, profession, and technical/nonfiction writing, there is a creative writing section as well.

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Florida Book Awards

The Florida Book Awards is an annual awards program that "recognizes, honors & celebrates the best Florida literature and books about Florida published in the previous year."

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Writers Read!

Quotations from authors on reading as  an indispensable part of learning to write

Steven King quote

Story Corps - Great Questions - Life Stories

STORY CORPS is an independent, nonprofit organization which in 2013 is celebrating its 10th anniversary of "listening to America." They have a wonderful page of questions in various categories - to get you started on stories of your life called GREAT QUESTIONS. You can use them to inspire yourself to write, or start a conversation with a loved one or friend.

Read more...

Brevity - an online journal of creative nonfiction

For more than a decade now, Brevity has published well-known and emerging writers working in the extremely brief (750 words or less) essay form, along with craft essays and book reviews.

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Writers' Digest

Writers Digest is an online site with a wide variety of resources for those writing at any level, as well as those interested in writing. It includes - articles, resources, free webinars and tutorials. There are also weekly writing prompts as well as access to hundreds of past prompts. A writing tip of the day, with archived tips is another nice feature.

Neil Gaiman quote

American Life in Poetry - weekly column

American Life in Poetry is a free weekly column featuring a poem by a contemporary American poet and a brief introduction to the poem by Ted Kooser. The sole mission of this project is to promote poetry in our lives & culture. In addition to the current poem/column, you may access archived columns.

Jeff Klinkenberg - Real Florida

Want a break from your own writing? Or heaven forbid, got Writer's Block? Give yourself a treat and read some of the "Real Florida" columns of Tampa Bay Times Staff writer Jeff Klinkenberg. He's also written books and we have some of them at the library - ask us!
Jeff Klinkenberg - "Real Florida" columns
alligator with butterfly on nose

Poetry Foundation

The Poetry Foundation, based in Chicago, is the publisher of Poetry magazine, the oldest monthly devoted to verse in the English-speaking world. The Foundation is an independent literary organization committed to a vigorous presence for poetry in our culture.

Their site includes not only Poetry magazine, but also audio, podcasts, video documentaries, resources such as a Learning Lab, articles, childrens poetry, a poetry blog named "Harriet" after the founder, and more.